Biblioteca città di Arezzo

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The Arezzo Town Library
Via dei Pileati n° 8 - 52100 Arezzo (Italy)
Tel 057522849 Fax 0575370419 - Contacts

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The Arezzo Town Library

The extensive library heritage of the Arezzo Town Library consisting of 548 medieval and post-medieval manuscripts, 95000 antiquarian books including incunabula, printed works and periodicals up to the 19th century as well as 170.000 modern volumes is one of Tuscany’s major book collections bringing together the stories of a number of old libraries belonging to institutions such as the Fraternita dei Laici (a fraternity of religious laymen) or privates such as the Redi, Fossombroni, Gamurrini, etc.

The Arezzo town library

The Library intends to make its heritage available to the community of readers and implement it and make it more accessible to citizens of all ages and cultural background thanks to their precious contribution; the Library also intends to be firmly rooted in its territorial community and at the same time be open to all contemporary cultures and to dialogue with its patrons as well as a medium allowing free access to training and knowledge; basically a Library that is attentive to the individual needs of its patrons and to all possible group, study, learning and research requirements.

The new logo and the new web site intend to emphasize our commitment to make the Arezzo Town Library the library of all citizens, a service that is indispensable to social organization and essential to foster democracy and citizenship rights.